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      Product center

      about us

          Meister Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. of Hunan Province Department of Meister Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. of Dongguan City invested 30 million yuan to set up a wholly owned subsidiary.The parent company is a company with more than 10 years of professional large-scale production of swimming goggles, swimming caps and other swimming supplies factory.

          Companies adhering to the "innovation, fashion, unique" corporate culture, and constantly develop new product design, new style, from the perspective of users and sales customers continue to improve the product, all customer-focused research and development concepts.

      Meister factory show

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      Service Hotline
      0746-2490-888/+86 15200963396

      Email:flora@mstsport.com.cn sales10@mstsport.com.cn Sara Li
      Address:No.8-1,GuiYan Creative Garden,LanShan County,YongZhou City,HuNan Province,China

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